Heads Up!

628x471 brandon-mccarthy

Remember when Brandon McCarthy got struck in the head with this line drive? (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1DH7UNIZ4ow) If you don’t remember it’s okay, because he might not remember it either.  All joking a side, he underwent surgery for 2 hours to relieve cranial pressure after CT scans revealed McCarthy had suffered an hemorrhage, a brain contusion, and a skull fracture. He was recovering well enough that he was able to join his teammates in the dugout as a spectator during their postseason run. I think Brandon just being in the dugout gave a huge boost to his team, and put even more of a fire under their feet to succeed.

You would think being struck in the head with a line drive would damper your mood, but nope, McCarthy took it with stride and tweeted the following things regarding the injury “WELL IF BEING DISCHARGED FROM THE HOSPITAL ISNT THE BEST TIME TO ASK ABOUT A THREESOME THEN IM FRESH OUT OF IDEAS” His wife kindly replied to risky/hillarious tweet saying “I WILL strike someone with a brain injury”.

I know this happened a while ago, but I just wanted you to know how great Brandon McCarthy’s life really is. Besides the whole getting struck in the head thing.

McCarthy recently signed with Arizona Diamond backs and is looking for a bounce back year with out any skull fractures.

oh and BTW, his wife is a model.

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