Rate My Fantasy Baseball Team

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C Buster Posey

1B Allen Craig

2B Howie Kendrick

3B Martin Prado

SS Jose Reyes

2B/SS Marco Scutaro

1B/3B Mark Trumbo

OF Andrew McCutchen

OF Josh Reddick

OF Yoenis Cespedes    

OF Jackie Bradley Jr

OF Michael Morse

DH Adam Laroche


SP Matt Cain

SP Zack Greinke

SP Josh Johnson

SP Kris Medlen.

The rest of my pitching staff is not worth mentioning.

I know it’s not a solid team, but I feel like I can win it with this team. I feel really good about it.

Let me know what you think. -Shawn Palmer


(Photo Credit:www.ESPN.com)



  1. robakers

    Not a bad team. Is this a 10 team league?

    Have you considered moving posey to 1B and picking up another C? Not thrilled with your 2B options, but the options are very thin. Matt Carpenter is going to qualify at 2B sometime this year, that might be a cheap way to go.

    • palmersports

      It is a ten team league and I have Jesus Montero as my backup C. yeah 2B is very thin so I tried to do my best there. Thank you for taking the time to comment and give me some input. I appreciate it.

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