Pray For Boston


(Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Today was supposed to be a great day in Boston with the Boston Marathon and the Boston Red Sox playing an early morning game. We Americans were also celebrating Patriots day and Jackie Robinson day. Just as the Marathon came to an end, the unthinkable happened. Tragedy struck Boston with no warning. Two explosions went off near the finish line and injured hundreds of people and sadly killing two. Why would this happen on such a great day? Why would this happen in general? Why is the world we live in so dangerous, ruthless, and scary. We will never know. Today was supposed to such an innocent day, a day where families brought their kids to enjoy a nice day in the beautiful city of Boston. We should all thank the people that came to the rescue today, it wasn’t easy. Lets hope this kind of incident  does not happen again anytime soon. Just read the words of 3B Will Middlebrooks who tweeted earlier “Wrong city to mess with..#Boston” Stay strong Boston.

-Shawn Palmer


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